Commerce Construction Nearing Completion of Largest Contract Ever Awarded

Commerce Construction is engaged in the third and final year of its $150MM contract for the construction of new docks for the Paulsboro Marine Terminal on the Delaware River. The docks are being built as part of New Jersey’s emerging wind energy program. Paulsboro Marine Terminal will provide space for manufacturing, marshaling, and waterborne transportation of the massive underwater steel structures that serve as foundations for new wind turbines being installed off the coast of Atlantic City.

Commerce is building over 2,100 linear feet of new docks, a vehicle bridge, a rail bridge, and a new rail service across the entire facility. The scope of work entails working in 50-foot deep water with a 6 to 7 foot tide swing, driving over 1,700 pipe piles (30 inch diameter, 0.75 inch wall, up to 140 feet long), installing over 3,100 tons of reinforcing steel, and pouring over 20,000 cubic yards of concrete.

The project has safely employed a crew of over 70 local tradespeople including dock builders, operating engineers, ironworkers, electricians, laborers, pipefitters, and the supporting management team. The first section of the new dock was turned over for use in September 2020. The remaining sections will be finished on time, by December 2021.