Our Heritage

Commerce’s expertise derives from the marine engineers, dock builders, and pile drivers who helped design and build the waterfront structures and industrial facilities in Philadelphia during the early 20th century. A family-owned business from its inception, our founders grew up in the marine construction, diving, and deep foundation industries, cementing themselves as some of the most knowledgeable contractors in the Philadelphia region. They were committed to their craft and service to their customers, working hard to establish Philadelphia as a major port and industrial city.


Commerce Construction was founded in 1996 to focus on marine construction, diving, and pile driving in the Philadelphia region. The company’s founders were both builders and engineers, armed with knowledge passed down to them from prior family generations who worked in the industry. Commerce has grown its business to become a trusted leader in waterfront structure construction, diving, and deep land foundation projects.


In January 2000, the company performed its first million-dollar project — a bulkhead stabilization for Valero Energy Corporation on the Delaware River. The following year Commerce Construction surpassed $10 million in sales, and in June 2002, the company completed its single largest pile driving project valued at more than $7.4 million. By 2004, annual sales had surpassed $20 million. In 2018, Commerce earned its largest contract ever, a $140-million new wharf structure for the New Jersey wind energy program.


Today Commerce Construction is known throughout the industry for its winning combination of best-in-class workmanship and exacting safety standards and practices. Senior executives at the company lead by example, participating at a hands-on level to ensure consistent performance, optimal deployment of resources, expert strategic planning, and operations assistance for superintendents and field crews.